Why Tumidei

Why Tumidei

Founded in 1958 in Predappio di Romagna, Tumidei has over 60 years of experience. In this time span, people all over the world have radically changed their idea of home, family life and, consequently, of interior design. The ongoing research for extremely sophisticated, consumer driven solutions for interior design is one of Tumidei’s success factors and the reason for the Company’s well-pondered and consistent growth.

Tumidei is now a state-of-the-art business with about 100 employees and 15.000 sqm premises, where the production chain is managed at its best, guaranteeing top quality products. Tumidei is certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (safety).


Tumidei among the first “integrated system” certified companies Quality-Environment-Security issued by the ICILA ISTITUTION, brand of CSI s.p.a. (IMQ group) within the wood and furniture sector, to a Company dedicated to home design furnitures, for its commitment to systematically manage all relevant and complex aspects of the organization (such as effectiveness, efficiency, environmental impact, the workers’ health and safety and the fair treatment of co-workers) according to the international standards, towards the continuous improvement of performances and social impact of the Company’s activities.

TUMIDEI has also obtained, through the Certiquality authority, the FSC certification which guarantees the materials traceability from FSC certified forests. Ask for our FSC certified products.

Tumidei uses CARB Phase 2 certified panels, that ensures formaldehyde emissions below 0.09 ppm.

Its products are: Safe, Guaranteed, Patented, Tested and reliable.


Protection of the environment has always been one of our main values since the beginning, to keep a fully active relationship with the environment around us has been a priority of the company. In 2006, TUMIDEI was awarded ISO 14001 certification. This is a voluntary environmental management standard used by TUMIDEI, which proves the company’s deep respect for the environment and its commitment to protecting natural resources,

correctly using raw materials and saving energy. In order to care for the environment and natural resources, within its “energy cycle” TUMIDEI uses wood shavings and production scraps to produce thermal energy which is used inside the company to meet internal needs. All these schemes concern issues which are taken on board with increasingly stronger awareness by public opinion and individuals. TUMIDEI is also sensitive to these issues, hence its investment in resources and technologies with less environmental impact involving its products, operations and services.